Investment Insights: Hindustan Zinc's Competitive Edge in the Mining Industry

Published On 21 May, 2023 . By Dhiren Vaghadiya

Hindustan Zinc Investment Insights

We all know that natural resources such as gold, silver, oil, zinc, and lithium are the most valuable and real assets in the world which have their own value. So investing in such assets is a wise investment decision.

For this, we can invest in companies that are involved in mining natural resources that can give you much higher returns in the long term. There is one such company in the Indian stock market that has been in this industry for more than 50 years. The name of the company is Hindustan Zinc Limited which is operated by Vedanta Group.

With this blog, we learn about the history of this company, its diverse product portfolio and its competitive advantages. Finally, we will also know what are the challenges before Hindustan Zinc (HZL), which can slow down its growth.

About Hindustan Zinc LTD

Hindustan Zinc is India’s largest and the world’s second-largest integrated zinc producer company that was incorporated from the Erstwhile Metal Corporation of India on 10 January 1966. This company was established as a Public Sector Undertaking (PSU) company by the Indian Government.

But in 2001, being a loss-making company, Hindustan Zinc was sold to Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Limited (SOVL) under the Government of India's disinvestment program. Today, the Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Limited company is widely known as Vedanta Limited.

Thus Hindustan Zinc ltd has 50+ years of operational expertise which helps it to occupy a leadership position in the mining industry.

Hindustan Zinc Product Portfolio

Principal Products: Zinc, Lead

Byproducts: Silver, Cadmium

Other: 98% concentrated Sulphuric Acid

Hindustan Zinc Company Highlights & Advantages

  • Hindustan Zinc ltd has a total reserve and resource base of 460.1 million tonnes with a mine life of over 25 years.
  • It is known as the world’s 2nd largest integrated zinc producer and 6th largest Silver producer globally.
  • The company currently holds around 80% market share in India's zinc industry.
  • Hindustan Zinc is the 5th largest silver producer globally with an annual capacity of 800 million tons.
  • The Government of India also holds a 29.5% stake in the company due to which the company can get additional government support and benefits.
  • The company has achieved nearly 5X growth in Zinc, Lead, and Silver metal production capacities since 2002.
  • The company focuses on low-cost operations, that give the company a competitive advantage in terms of cost.
  • Hindustan Zinc has its own captive power plants (CPP) that provide reliable power to its mines.
  • The company has 505.5 MW coal-based thermal captive power plants, 273.5 MW Wind power plants, 1 MW solar power plant and 40.67 MW Waste heat recovery-based power plant. So Hindustan Zinc especially focused on green energy & thereby reduced about 6.13 Lacs tCO2e.

Leverage Latest Technology, Innovative Ideas & Collaborations

Hindustan Zinc is a company that constantly adopts innovative technology and continuously makes changes in its operations to improve efficiency. The company has paid much attention to ease of doing business and sustainability. For that, hindustan zinc has effectively reduced water and paper consumption and also uses the latest technology.

Eureka: They have created an internal digital platform Eureka to generate ideas. With its help, the company gets innovative ideas for sustainable mining practices from its employees. So far 1,000+ ideas have been submitted out of which 200 ideas are in the implementation stage.

Gamsberg: This is a Smart Ore system developed by Hindustan Zinc. This system helps in making informed decisions by providing real-time data on mines. Gamsberg helps the company to improve its operational efficiency by 10-15% and reduce costs.

Make Collaborations: Hindustan Zinc collaborates with premier institutes like the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) to properly utilize technology.


Dependence on Commodity Prices: Hindustan Zinc's financial performance is heavily influenced by global commodity prices, particularly zinc, lead, and silver. Fluctuations in metal prices can impact the company's profitability and financial results.

Reliance on Zinc and Lead: While the company benefits from its significant zinc and lead production, its reliance on these commodities exposes the company to risks associated with changes in demand and market dynamics. A decline in zinc & lead demand or oversupply in the market could affect the company's financial performance.

Limited Geographic Diversification: Hindustan Zinc's operations are primarily concentrated in India. While the company benefits from the growing Indian market, limited geographic diversification exposes it to risks associated with regional economic fluctuations and regulatory changes.

Infrastructure And Logistics Challenges: The company operates in remote areas, which may present logistical challenges in terms of transportation, infrastructure development, and access to resources. These challenges can impact production costs, operational efficiency, and timely delivery of products.

Environmental and Regulatory Risks: Hindustan Zinc operates in a heavily regulated industry, with compliance requirements related to environmental standards, safety, and health regulations. Non-compliance or changes in regulations can lead to increased costs, operational disruptions, and reputational damage.

Decreasing Profit Margin: The company has seen a steady decline in profit margins in the last 10 years. Hindustan Zinc's profit margin, which was 50% 12 years ago, has declined to 30% in 2023.

High-Pledged Shares: Hindustan Zinc's promoters have pledged more than 55% of its shares, which is a warning to the investors. However, there can be some valid reasons behind shares pledged such as raising funds for expansion, using shares as collateral for loans, or raising cash for other purposes.

However, there is also a possibility that they are trying to take advantage of the current high share prices.


In conclusion, investing in Hindustan Zinc Limited can be a wise decision due to its expertise in the mining industry, diverse product portfolio, and focus on low-cost operations. However, the company also faces challenges such as dependence on commodity prices, limited geographic diversification, declining profit margins, and high pledging of shares that should be considered by potential investors.

So you should carefully assess both the strengths and weaknesses of Hindustan Zinc and consider the potential risks before making any investment.


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