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Market Capital : 17,899.62 Cr.

P/E Ratio : 364.47

P/B Ratio : 7.12

Book Value Per Share : 265.069

EPS : 5.18

Dividend Yield : 0.17 %

Revenue Growth : -36.95 %

Profit Growth : -52.87 %

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Frequently Asked Questions

According to the given calculation model, Sobha Ltd is currently trading at compared to its current price.

We have calculated the intrinsic value of Sobha Ltd using 6 different financial analysis techniques. These include PB ratio, PE ratio, PS ratio and EV to EBITDA intrinsic value calculation models.

Although intrinsic value aims to be an objective measure of an asset's worth, it is influenced by subjective factors like assumptions about future growth and the choice of valuation methods.

Therefore, after getting the intrinsic value of Sobha Ltd here, you should also conduct the company’s fundamental research.

Yes, when Sobha Ltd either reports a negative profit or its liabilities outweigh its assets, the intrinsic value can be negative. In such a condition, it is advisable to avoid investing in the company or focus on alternative intrinsic value calculation models.

This is because each calculation model may have its own limitations, and over-relying on one method can be risky. Therefore, we also incorporate other methods to achieve more accurate results, reducing the chances of overestimation.

If you don't know the true price of a product or service, anyone can cheat you by selling it at a higher price. Right?

In this way, by knowing the real value of any company before investing, you can avoid the possibility of future losses to some extent. That is why many veteran investors have given importance to intrinsic value in investing.

Several factors influence intrinsic value calculations, depending on the asset type and valuation method used. These factors can include:

  • Earnings, profitability or sales
  • Assets and liabilities
  • Market conditions and competition

Market value is always an imaginary price determined by people which may be manipulated by market conditions, temporary company performers and even by some group of people.

While intrinsic value is the real value of the company. Although it can also be manipulated to some extent. Therefore, we combine different calculations to mitigate this possibility, averaging them to ultimately arrive at a more realistic intrinsic value.

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