Free Stock Analysis: Top 5 Websites You Should Bookmark Today

Published On 8 May, 2023 . By Dhiren Vaghadiya

Free Stock Analysis: Top 5 Websites You Should Bookmark Today

Do you know? According to Forbes data, the demat account in India which was 2.3 crores in 2010 has increased to 11 crores in 2023. Despite this impressive growth, only 8% of the Indian population invests in shares or mutual funds. This boom in stock market users can be attributed to Jio's cheap 4G internet, movies like the stock market scam 1992 and the rise of financial influencers on YouTube.

However, I've noticed that many people invest in a stock or company without knowing anything about it and then suffer losses and say “The stock market is a speculation”. This is far from the truth.

Investing in the stock market is a skill that everyone must learn. It not only helps you understand stocks and businesses better but also improves your financial literacy. Of course, it requires some time and effort to learn.

A few years ago, stock analysis was very difficult. But fortunately today we have some websites which make analysis of any stock very easy for us. In this blog, I'll introduce you to some best websites for analyzing Indian stocks. These websites surely make your stock analysis process quick, easy and accurate.

So let's look at the websites one by one with some of their important features.

Benefits Of Using Stock Analysis Websites

  • Provide real-time data.
  • Premade financial ratios and calculations.
  • Easy-to-understand graphs.
  • Give stock’s pros and cons.
  • All news or events such as dividends, bonuses, split stock, corporate actions and announcements data in one place.
  • Stock forecast for coming months (For premium users).
  • Presentation of complicated financial data through simple graphs and many more.

Top 5 Websites That You Must Use Analyze Stock For Free

1. is a website that comes with many premade financial ratios. This website was started in 2009 by two brothers Ayush and Pratyush Mittal. His vision was to present the financial statements of any stock in a way that people can easily understand.

Key Features That You Must Use:

  • Key points and highlights of the company like market position, business overview, geographical revenue & profit and highlights of the latest annual result.
  • Upcoming quarterly results and announcements based on your watchlist (with email and push notification alerts).
  • Advanced graphs of the PE ratio, PB ratio and EV/EBITDA ratio.
  • Quarterly sales and profit margin graph.
  • Pros and cons of stocks.
  • Peer comparison with related industry stocks.
  • Quarterly and annual financial data with an operating profit margin in percentage and dividend yield.
  • Stock’s Compounded Sales Growth, Compounded Profit Growth, Stock Price CAGR and Return on Equity with 3, 5 and 10 years average.
  • Simple yearly cash flow data.
  • Previous 8 years of data on stock’s important financial parameters for profitability like cash conversion cycle, working capital days and %ROCE (Return on Capital Employed).
  • Stock’s yearly and quarterly shareholding pattern.
  • Other important documents that you can download with 1 click such as annual reports and credit ratings.
  • You can also create your own custom screener to filter stock and find the best one.

Premium Feature:

  • You can also see the profit and loss of any company according to its particular product segment. It will help you to understand which product category of the company earns the highest profit. For example, ITC's highest profit comes from its cigarette business.

Available Plans: Free And Premium (₹4,999 / year)

Monthly Traffic: 8.2M


The reason this website is ranked second is because of its unique features and cool UI & UX. website provides data on stocks as well as ETFs and mutual funds. This website was started in 2019 by Ujjwal Ankur who today operates under the company “Anchorage Technologies Private Limited”. Along with being a financial tools provider, it is also an AMFI-registered mutual fund distributor.

Tickertape Founders:

  • Ujjwal Ankur, Founder & CEO
  • Vasanth Kamath, Co-Founder & CEO
  • Anugrah Shrivastava, Co-Founder
  • Rohan Gupta, Co-Founder

Key Features That You Must Use:

  • Tickertape’s market mood index that describes the current mood of the market as emotions.
  • Stock Analysis with scorecard, performance forecast & ratings, holdings analysis, financial trend and recent news & events.
  • Stock's market-cap ranking, Industry and volatility compared to nifty.
  • A price chart with advanced features like yearly, and monthly period filters, shows the returns in a timeframe by breaking down the yearly data into smaller chunks and stock’s return with SIP.
  • Revenue and earnings per share forecast.
  • Company's performance compared with its peers. It will help you to know what is the position of this company in the particular industry.
  • Peers comparison based on valuation and technical method.
  • You can also place direct orders by connecting Tickertape with a stockbroker.

My Personal Favorite: Stocks And Mutual Fund Portfolio Analysis

  • Your profit & loss are based on sector and market capitalization.
  • Portfolio diversification, PE ratio, volatility comparison with industry benchmarks.
  • Track the scores for your stocks based on different metrics such as valuation, momentum, quality and growth.
  • Identify possible red flags in your portfolio.
  • Next 2 to 5 years' valuation forecast of your portfolio.

Available Plans: Free And Premium (Stared from ₹249 / month)

Monthly Traffic: 4.3M


MoneyWorks4me was first an Investment Advisers company which later became a stock analysis website. Raymond Moses and Sreeram Thiagarajan are the founders of this company. The special feature of this website is to display the financials and key financial parameters of any company in percentage, which helps us to easily understand the performers of any company.

Key Features That You Must Use:

  • Yearly Value Creation Index that will you to understand the company’s profitability and asset utilization to make a profit.
  • The yearly growth rate of sales and EPS to easily understand the company’s performance.
  • 1 to 9-year CAGR growth of sales, adj EPS, BVPS and share price.
  • 10-year key financial parameters of the company at one place like return on equity, operating profit margin, net profit margin, cash conversion cycle and debt to equity.
  • Clear and comprehensible graphs of PE ratio, price to sales ratio, Pb ration, and EV to EBITDA ratio with a median value.
  • Custom price calculator and dividend history graph.
  • Detailed product and service information of the company.

Premium Features:

  • Stock’s quality and valuation index.
  • Stock’s right time and price to invest.
  • Compay’s strengths and weaknesses.

Available Plans: Free And Premium (Stared from ₹3,999 / year)

Monthly Traffic: 346.0K

4. Ticker By Finology

Ticker is a powerful tool created by a good-hearted person pranjal kamra, a founder, entrepreneur, investor and Youtuber. The ticker website is also called Investing Ka Search Engine, in which you will find all the important things about stocks that you should know. Ticker is a sub-brand of finology which is a SEBI registered advisor.

Pranjal Kamra's only goal has been to make people aware of investing in India, which they are doing very well.

Key Features That You Must Use:

  • Finstar scorecard based on the company’s ownership, valuation, management efficiency and financials.
  • Premade financial ratios.
  • The list of brands the particular company owns (It can help you to understand the company’s brand value).
  • Share price and volume chart.
  • Highlighted the company’s important financial ratios like price to cash flow, debt/equity, interest cover ratio, 5-year average CFO/PAT and profit & sales growth.
  • Company’s strengths and limitations.
  • Give a clear idea about the company’s cash flows and corporate actions.
  • Investors details.
  • Download stock ratings & research reports, annual reports and company presentations with 1 click.
  • Stock price analysis and quick research report with in-depth information about the company.
  • Upcoming IPO analysis and stock broker comparison to make a better decision.

Premium Features:

  • Find the true value of a stock.
  • Use specially designed premium financial ratios.
  • Smart portfolio and watchlist option.

Available Plans: Free And Premium (Stared from ₹3,999 / year)

Monthly Traffic: 979.7K

5. is a website that helps us analyze stocks in the way of Value Investing. On this website, every single stock is analyzed in 3 parts. Safety, growth and valuation. For example, debt to equity ratio is used to measure safety, profit growth for growth and PE ratio for valuation. Similarly, different ratios are used in different ways and presented through engaging charts and graphs. It helps us to easily understand each and every financial information of the company.

Key Features That You Must Use:

  • Lifetime price vs book value graph.
  • Upto 16 years of average revenue growth, net profit growth and dividend growth data.
  • You can create a price alert.
  • Company’s lifetime revenue, net profit, dividend, and equity dilution data with an amazing bar chart.
  • Stock’s key financial ratio history in a line graph.
  • Compay’s pros and cons.

Premium Feature:

  • Stock’s true valuation or fair price

Available Plans: Free And Premium (Stared from ₹1999 / 3 months)

Monthly Traffic: 14.6K


Before buying any stock, it is important to understand its business, from where it earns profit and whether the company is making consistent profit, revenue and sales or not. Along with this, it is also necessary to see whether the company has a lot of debt or not, due to which it will not be able to make profit for many years.

By using the 5 websites highlighted in this blog, you can effortlessly access all the necessary parameters. These websites help you to make more informed decisions and reduce your chances of loss in the future to almost zero.


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